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Week in Review

Written on July 7, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

My first 4th of July was pretty good. We went to my grandpas house for a few hours and watched some really nice fireworks. He lives very close to where they blast off so it was really bright and loud. I sat in amazement while everyone else ooh'ed and aah'ed. Some people may have thought I would be scared but I had seen fireworks before. My first trip to Disneyland we watched their show and I really enjoyed it. Big bangs don't scare a big boy like me.

I was hoping to see a girl my age at the party but she ended up not showing up. I was a bit bummed but I still had a good time either way. I hear that she is almost walking like I am. I wonder who will walk first. I hope it's me!

Ya know, not much else happened this week. Dad purchased some new goodies for himself. He bought some new lenses for the camera so that he can take even better pictures of me. I hear that people sometimes have a hard time taking pictures of kids but I really like the camera. Normally I even sit still for a moment while mommy or daddy snaps a couple of pictures. Once I am done with that, I hurry over and try to eat the lens cap.

Oh I know what had happened this week. I am working on 2 more teeth. These 2 new ones will take me to 5 I think. Lately I have been rubbing my tongue on the teeth. They are fun to explore. I wonder what they are used for. Is there food other than mushy rice cereal? Oh I hope so!


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