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Week in Review

Written on July 14, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Arggh! My Mateys! Gosh I like doing that.

Wow has it been hot here in Arizona. I think it has been around 113F for the past couple of days. I think that my butt has melted to the car seat a few times. When is the rain going to come? When I was a wee little lad, there was no rain for around 100+ days, it was fun because it hadn't rained since the day I was born. I was able to count how many days old I was just by looking at the newscasts, everyday they told us how many days since the last rain. I hope we aren't going to go that long again.

I'm working hard on this standing thing. I am able to hold myself up for a split second or two now. My mom and dad sure seem to get a kick out if it. I think my record may be around 4 seconds or so. I was so distracted with something I didn't even realize I was standing like a big boy. Of course the floor to butt contact shortly after snapped me out of my distracted state. Ouchy.

I can't recall if I had mentioned it recently but I now have 5 teeth. Well, 4 but my mom says another one is coming in. Sometimes they hurt really badly while other times they are just fine. My mom is always there to help in anyway, I sure think shes great.

I had a chance to see my great aunt yesterday for lunch. I really like to see her because it doesn't happen that often. In fact, I get to see another great aunt today or tomorrow. She lives out of town so its rare that I get to see her. She says funny things that make me laugh.

I am going to go back to relaxing in the comfort of an air conditioned home. The life of a baby, you can't beat it.


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