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Week in Review

Written on July 21, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Yesterday sure was a tough day. I went to the doctor for my 9 month checkup (yes thats right, I'm 9 months old now!). I had to get a tuberculosis test which I had no troubles with. Daddy kept me distracted and I really didn't even move a bit. I know mommy was proud of me. What came next though was pure torture. I had to get blood drawn for a lead test. My mommy had to fill out a form months ago about any lead that I may be in contact with. Even though she clearly passed that test, I had to get attacked with a needle anyways. Why even fill out the information if it doesn't make a difference?

Two doctors, mommy and daddy had to keep me still for the blood to be drawn. It was really bad and I must have cried more than ever. I must have looked like a big sissy. Luckily there were no cute girls outside that would have laughed at me.

Now let me tell you something crazy about this checkup. In the past when I went to my 6 month checkup, the doctor said I was at the 10% percentile for body weight. He told mommy that this was normal for breastfed babies and its nothing to be worried about. This time though they said I was at 3% - 10%. The doctor which was different said that I was way underweight even if I was breastfed. Are you kidding me? Do I look underweight? Anyways, now I get to eat more meals in the day. Me and daddy are confused why doctors have such different beliefs. It seems to me that 3% would be equal to a malnourished child that you can easily see his insides. That is not me. I am the perfect weight and besides, I probably have my dad's high metabolism gene.

So other big news, mommy and daddy are looking to move into a new home. Of course, I will be coming along too. At least I hope so. But anyways, We live in a 2 bedroom home now with stairs so its not the biggest place or the safest. I know that they are looking for a 3 bedroom single floor home. I think it will be nice. I can crawl around everywhere then. Freedom!


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