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Week in Review

Written on July 28, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Talk about good eats! Mommy and daddy have been feeding me a wide variety of foods lately. Everything from chicken and rice to tropical delight. For the most part, its all pretty yummy. I however do not like blueberries. They are just too sour for me.

I am now big enough to start eating teething biscuits and other handheld foods. I am really enjoying my new found freedom. I sit next to mom and dad while they eat dinner and now I can eat with them. Of course, their food always looks better. I would do anything for these little flavored puffs that mommy gives me. My dad says he may teach me tricks and then I will get a puff. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Hmmm, what else have I done recently. I really enjoy giving dad a hard time now with changing my diapers. I like to roll around and let him chase me around. I don't think that I need diapers but mom and dad think otherwise.

I hear the mom and dad are going to take me to get my pictures taken tonight. I thought we were done with this whole picture taking deal. I mean, I must take like 5 billion of them while at home, do we really need to sit at the store with some weird lady snapping pictures of me? Is it really necessary? My mom and dad are firm on taking me though. I can't seem to persuade them otherwise. I guess I will just need to go along with it all.


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