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Wipes, a little boys best friend.

Written on July 13, 2006 by Kevin.

There is one thing that Rylan always seems to find interesting, something that always will catch his eye and keep him distracted. A wipe. He has a few favorite routines that go along with the wipe. I am simply blown away that for mere pennies, Rylan can keep focused longer than with a more expensive toy.

1) He enjoys grabbing the bag of wipes, opening it and taking one wipe out. He then shuts the bag and proceeds to play with the single wipe. We find it funny and fascinating that he only takes out the single wipe and then closes it back up so that they don't all dry out(so we like to think).

2) One thing that will certainly get Rylan into a good mood is when he sneaks the bag of wipes and yanks out a bunch of wipes. He just continues to pull them out. When we actually catch him, he knows he has been caught and then will give us the biggest smile.

3) There is no doubt that diaper changing a child can be a difficult task at times. The normal rolling around while you are trying to change them can be stressful at times. We have noticed however that Rylan's love for the wipes continues while being changed. A single wipe can keep him distracted enough for the longest cleanup.


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