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Fisher Price or Ikea? You decide.

Written on August 22, 2006 by Kevin.

My wife and I have been able to enjoy dinners more often now that we have Rylan sitting at the table with us. He keeps himself entertained by feeding himself different types of foods. This is a huge improvement over the past where Rylan would ache for attention. He must feel in the crowd as his need for attention has dropped significantly.

With self feeding has come a messy kitchen. Rylan certainly won't win an award for the cleanest baby when it comes to feeding. However I must say, he does do well with some of the foods. Other times, 50% of the time he gets it in his mouth and the rest of the time he has it on the floor or himself. (Another day, I will be reviewing some of the bibs that we have and enjoy.) The food on the floor is easy to clean up but the food that gets stuck in his Fisher Price Aquarium Healthy Care High Chair is no easy task. While the high chair does have some advantages, the process of cleaning it is a pain. Even cleaning the dishwasher safe tray can be a pain sometimes (call me lazy). We needed something new.

Welcome Ikea. My wife's new favorite place. We have been there a few times in the past month and finally decided to give the Ikea Antilop High Chair and tray a try. We decided on this as it is sturdy, super easy to clean and can be tucked easily into a car for mobile use (legs come off). We have used ita few times now and have been really happy with it. Rylan can watch us from all angles now as there is no high back blocking his view. He is given a large tray area for him to make as much mess as he wants. The high chair is nearly a solid piece of plastic so we were unable to find any sharp edges. This thing is really made with minimal in mind but also children in mind. It works, well.

The Fisher Price high chair did have attachable toys but we think the payoff is worth it. Suction cup toys can be purchased another time if Rylan needs such a thing. For now, Rylan can play with his toys that we put onto the tray. As for being mobile, we used the Ikea high chair last night at Rylan's grandpas house and it worked out great. It kept him occupied as the rest of us ate. This was something we never could have done with our old high chair.

We only wish we could have picked up the Ikea Antilop sooner. I would highly recommend this high chair and for the grandparents out there who want a place to sit their grandchildren when they are visiting, this works out great. Easy to assemble and hides away when you don't want to see it. For nearly 1/3rd of the price of the Fisher Price, I don't see how you can go wrong with this.


I love this high chair too (no tray), I don't have any kids and I have a very un-baby-proofed flat and this on numerous times has saved my sanity (not to mention that of visiting friends with babies). The children love being at adult height (just during conversation not even at a meal) where they can get attention and yet no adult is on "follow the toddler round to save them from knives and other things single people keep in un-locked draws" duty. Plus it's cheap and can be stored away most of the time.

Written by Lillian The Ponderer on Aug 29, 2006

we just got this for our baby Ollie. I have heard lots of people say that it is the best one interms of ease of use, cleaning and that baby sits better in it, with the addition of the inflatable thingy it is perfect.
If you look on my blog I have just posted an entry with a photo at the end of Ollie in his new highchair!

I also LOVE Ikea, what's not to love????

Written by Bev on Oct 28, 2007

It has been over a year since I wrote this post and we have been using the Ikea chair ever since. We have loved it. Rylan has now begun sitting in a big chair however and we will be using the highchair with the inflatable padding for my Kaitlyn until she can really get the hang of it.

Written by Kevin on Oct 29, 2007

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