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Gerber Lil'Entrees

Written on August 23, 2006 by Kevin.

As mentioned in the past, Rylan has been sitting with us recently at the dinner table while we eat. In the past, we would have to feed him separately or give him one of his teething biscuits or toast. This worked as a distraction but wasn't a full meal for him to eat up. We are now using the Gerber Lil'Entrees to help Rylan learn how to self feed.

We were a bit confused by these types of finger foods at first because they say that children who are able to pickup things with their thumb and finger should eat them, otherwise continue to feed from a jar. Rylan never had an experience picking up small things like this but we decided to give it a try anyways. At first, he obviously had no idea what to do but as the weeks have gone by, you can clearly see he knows what to do. Just the other day, while at his grandpas house, he ate the entire entree with very little on the floor. He now eats most of the food with his 2 fingers.

There are times, like last night, where he just isn't in the mood to self feed so the food either goes on the floor, or we have to feed it to him. This is OK to us and we understand its a process. Why feed yourself when you can have someone feed you. There isn't much better than watching your child progress and learn new things. It amazes us how intelligent he is at times.

We were lucky to have picked up a massive amount of these for super cheap as a local grocery store was closing down. We only wish that more stores will be closing because we were really spoiled by the price. It always helps to have a helpful grandpa willing to pitch in as well. I know that Rylan certainly appreciates it.


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