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Little orange monster.

Written on August 14, 2006 by Kevin.

A month ago, my wife and I took Rylan for his 9 month checkup. This resulted in the doctor telling us that Rylan was way underweight and that we needed to start feeding him more baby food. While we didn't necessarily believe this to be the case as he was breastfed with some other foods, we took her advice and started feeding him others.

Two things have happened over the past couple of weeks. One, Rylan has grown in size. He seems to have taken to the extra calories and decided that he will store it as fat. The doctor said that because he was moving around more, he needed the extra calories. He must not be burning them all off as he is slowly packing on the weight.

Another thing that has happened recently is that Rylan has begun to look tanned. In fact, he has a hue of orange on his face. It appears that Rylan's new food is turning him orange. I recall my mother telling me stories about this as well but now I get to experience it first hand. We have moved Rylan onto a much wider variety of food colors now which appears to be helping.

All in all, I think that we should have stuck with our gut instinct on this issue. While we want Rylan to be healthy, we believe that the doctor put too much fear in us when she said Rylan was in the 3-10% percentile for weight. From what we can determine, she does not believe in breastfeeding for more than 6 months. Her influence has now caused other issues such as a decrease in milk production for my wife. We are working on holding in there until Rylan hits a year and then begin to ween but it looks like nature is already taking its course.


Just out of curiousity, how much did Rylan weigh when they said he was way underweight?!

Written by Julie on Aug 15, 2006

Please find another pediatrician. One who pushes his/her own beliefs for themselves onto you instead of what has been determined by the WHO and APA to be the best for your baby, need not be your baby's doctor.

Breast-fed babies tend to slim down after the first 6 months. Watching Rylan grow on your blog, I can tell you, as a mom of 6, he is very active and has been from a very young age. My son is almost 10 months and has not started pulling up, crawling or anything close to that. Granted, he is number 6 and is probably spoiled, but he isn't that far behind where my other kids were.

As far as nursing goes, your wife can increase production. If Rylan will allow you to cut out some of the solids you can. If not, always nurse him before he eats the solids. He may decide to nurse a bit longer for you.

My eldest two weaned by 11 months, so that wouldn't be that unusual. My other children nursed for much longer.

Rylan is just as cute as ever! If he is growing, gaining weight each month, no matter how little, he is doing fine.

Written by K on Aug 16, 2006

Sorry, that should be AAP, not APA... American Academy of Pediatrics.

Written by K on Aug 16, 2006

Rylan weighed a bit under 17lbs I believe at his 9month checkup.

This pediatrician was not his normal doctor. In fact, at Rylan's 6month checkup, his normal doctor said that while he is underweight, it is perfectly normal because of being breastfed. This was something that we always knew. We have had the unfortunate event of seeing this doctor twice now and both times we were disappointed. We are certainly making sure that we will not be visiting with her again.

Written by Kevin on Aug 16, 2006

I agree with both K and you Kevin, Rylan is fine and is growing nicely. It's hard for anyone to balance food + activity, but as long as Rylan is breastfeeding, eating baby foods, and is growing he's fine. He'll probably continue to grow when you feed him more, but not always in a healthy manner. I say stick with what your original Dr. said because like K said, Rylan is developing nicely and doing a lot for his age. My father spoils my only brother with ice cream for breakfast and sometimes a few more times a day and he's 5 years old and 70 Lbs, but his Dr. never tells him that he's overweight when he's probably obese. Even if the Dr. did my father wouldn't do anything different and that's why 100% of the adults in my family are obese or worse (1 is morbidly obese) and 4 out of 8 have diabetes though genetics is probably a factor too.

Written by Jessica on Aug 17, 2006

My wife and I have had multiple discussions about Rylan's eating years from now. It basically comes down to eating at home more than fast food. As I imagine all parents think, we want Rylan to grow up healthy without overdoing it on the fast food. There is a time and place for everything but eating out each night is not what we want.

Written by Kevin on Aug 17, 2006

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