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Review: Ikea Mata

Written on August 31, 2006 by Kevin.

My wife quickly became an Ikea nut after our first visit. It sometimes seems like we are there every weekend picking something up. On a trip a while back we picked up the Ikea Mata set. For a whopping $3.99 you get all that is pictured below. We couldn't pass it up.

We were familiar with bucket bibs similar to this and we had good experiences with them. While many bibs can easy be pulled off by Rylan due to poor Velcro, this one holds up pretty well. After a bit of use, Rylan doesn't seem to mind it and it does its job pretty well. Crumbs are now collected before getting to the floor allowing Rylan to dig for treasures in the bottom of it. He will clean his table of food and then move onto the bucket.

The frog bowl is large and can easily hold a full serving for Rylan. Some of our bowls can't have the same said. The bowl does come with a suction cup to help hold it in place. We have yet to use this as we prefer to just hold the bowl ourselves.

It may be difficult to tell by the picture but the spoon is not your normal shape. At first, I found it a bit difficult to get used too but overtime it has grown on me. It seems to make feeding Rylan while his head is turned a bit easier. I guess there may be a reason for their awkward shape.

We have not used the cup too much. For the most part, it appears to be your standard sippy cup with no extra features to help prevent spills. They have designed it with a slope to allow for children's noses and so that you don't have to tilt it back as far. When Rylan takes to cups more we will try using it more often but until then, it sits on the shelf.

Like many other things you find at Ikea, this set is pretty well planned out and is definitely affordable. The ability to catch a bit of food and save that little bit of money tells me that it will eventually pay for itself. The rest of the set is just a bonus in my book.


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