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5 Ways to quickly appear like a terrible father.

Written on September 5, 2006 by Kevin.

- You have your wife carrying the baby at all times.

- You have never been seen feeding your baby in public.

- While your wife is walking around a baby store, you find a rocking chair to sit in.

- Have your wife put your child into the their car seat and then go back to put the stroller in the trunk while you go sit in the air conditioned car.

- Drive your children around without being buckled up.

These ideas came to me when I got caught sitting down in a chair at Babies'R'Us. I had thought about it in the past but now that I had sat in that chair and people were staring at me, it was much different. I was waiting for my wife to finish feeding and changing Rylan but the other people didn't know that and likely thought I was a bum of a father. I take pride in wanting to be part of my Rylan's world. Appearance truly is everything.

Are there any other quick ways to make you look like a bad parent?


- You let your wife carry the baby AND the bags out to car. (It just happened that way, I didn't plan it!)

Written by thisbiochemicallife on Sep 6, 2006

That's certainly a good way.

Written by Kevin on Sep 6, 2006

Violently shaking your baby and viciously throwing him on the ground is a sure way to come off as a bad father.

Written by Ayrica on Sep 7, 2006

I'd love to know how you of all obviously good dads can seem bad and my huband who does little to nothing for our daughter seem like a good dad. I say let the dad sit at Babies R Us, it lets mom shop longer...I let my hubby drop us off and go to Best Buy for a bit, so with the bit of traveling we get even more time.

Written by Jessica on Sep 7, 2006

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