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Confidence is all that it takes..

Written on September 6, 2006 by Kevin.

Rylan has always shown extra strength in his legs so we were thinking he may be walking at a very young age. While he wasn't walking at 8 months like I had possibly though, he is making huge steps forward now. Literally.

I had to make a run into the office on Sunday to take care of some business and soon after my wife instant messages me. She mentions that Rylan took a few steps from the couch to her. I was thrilled. I had seen him take a half step or even a couple half steps but nothing like she had seen. She then goes on to tell me that he began running against the couch and just let go and took 6 steps. He let out the biggest smile from what I understand but unfortunately I missed out.

Later that night, I was taking care of some business in the room over and my wife tells me that Rylan is walking again. I go to look over and nothing. He is done so I go back to my work. Next thing I know, he is at it again. Walking. I look over just in time for him to be finishing. Talk about bitter sweet.

We know that Rylan has the strength to walk across the room but it seems he does not have the confidence just yet. He will stand there aching to walk but he can't get the foot to move. He enjoys being walked around the room by one of us though and we know this will help him out.

I want to see Rylan walk but it seems that it's a joke to him and he won't show me. Maybe one of these days I will setup the video camera and let it record until it gets some walking footage. I guess my time will come. Maybe he wants me to see him walk when he gets really good.


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