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Fisher Price Little People.. A way to save.

Written on September 21, 2006 by Kevin.

As a parent, I am always looking for a good deal on toys for Rylan. It was months before Rylan was first born that I stopped at a McDonald's after stepping back in the US from Mexico. Something went through my head and I thought it would be nice to pickup a children's toy for Rylan. I had no idea what to pickout but it turned out to be a Fisher Price Little People tiger. Now, months later, Rylan is beginning to build a collection of Little People figures and sets.

Fisher Price sells these character figures in 3 piece sets at many toy stores around town here. They range from about $6 to $10. Special individual characters are about $10 on the Fisher Price website. These include characters that are holiday specific like the upcoming Halloween.

Last night, we stopped by McDonald's and after asking for a toddler toy, I was given another Little People character. This time he was a jester(I think) that stood on some see-saw type thing. For a $1.85, it only makes sense to buy them from McDonald's. They are cheaper than buying them from a toy store. Furthermore, it appears that they have different characters than you can normally find in a store.

If you are looking for cheap Little People characters, I would certainly suggest trying to hunt down a McDonald's that still has these.


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