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Recent Breakthroughs...

Written on September 12, 2006 by Kevin.

It is always amazing to see your child do something for the first time and we have been lucky to see some great advancements in Rylan just recently.

I can't seem to talk about it enough but Rylan continues to get better and better at walking. While he still prefers to crawl, you can tell that he is excited about walking. He continues to watch the other kids at the play area while they walk or run by. He just stares at them in amazement. He can't get enough of that play area.

Clapping is something that we never really emphasized on with Rylan. We however started just recently and Rylan has taken to it quite well. Rylan, like other children, now seems to love to clap. While he is encouraged to do it repeating one of us, he does do it on his own as well. The smiles that follow are great.

A couple of months ago, I was able to excite Rylan by rubbing my finger over my lips to make a noise. I followed by trying to do it on Rylan and he immediately took to it. He knows that when I put my finger up to his mouth that we are going to play and that if he makes a tone, it will sound goofy. This has been a great way to calm him down at times and it works great to entertain people when we meet up with them. What soon followed was Rylan's attempt to do it himself. It's amazing how fast he caught on and how well he does it.

Mama, a word that Rylan has been saying for quite some time now is becoming more frequent. My wife tells me that he likes to say it first thing in the morning after they both wake up. When will he say daddy? I have no idea.


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