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Rylan's First Haircut

Written on September 18, 2006 by Kevin.

This weekend was a big one in which we took Rylan to get his first haircut. His curls had reached a point where it began making him look a bit girly so we decided to take the plunge and cut those little guys.

We drove out to a haircut place that was designed especially for kids. We felt that they would understand children the best and since they deal with them daily, they would best be able to handle a moving child. This place was great. You walk in and are hit with enjoyment for a kid. There are televisions all around and toys to play with. Televisions are at each cutting station so that the kids can be distracted while their hair is being cut.

For small children like Rylan, they have bubbles and other small toys. Rylan was distracted the entire time by my bubble blowing skills. He kept generally still for the entire cut and did not cry one tear. We were extremely proud of him.

The cut is finished when they give you a ticket which you put into a machine. The machine then pops out a small toy. Rylan was given some Play-Doh but I will be using it for now as it's obviously not safe for him just yet. Besides, I need some entertainment at work sometimes.

The haircut cost a bit more than I would have normally gone for but seeing as this was Rylan's first, we went all out. We even purchased a package so that we could remember the day with a picture and certificate. My wife got a few nick nacks that she can use to scrapbook the memory. We couldn't have been happier with his first cut.


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