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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Written on September 19, 2006 by Kevin.

"The only day that you can talk like a pirate and not look entirely insane."

Arrr, one thin' that we quickly learned when Rylan began t' get older was that he seemed t' be thrilled about pirate talk. Sometimes gettin' him int' a happy mood or atleast gettin' out o' bad mood only took a couple o' "Shi'er me timbers!" in my most authentic pirate 'oice.

Today will be fun for me as Me can talk t' Rylan in my pirate 'oice throughout the day and if anyone gi'es me any wierd looks Me can tell them that it is 'Talk like a Pirate day'. I began practicin' some new words last eve with Rylan as Me kept him distracted from my wife who was cookin' dinner. He just can't get enough o' it.

Thar is a reason why we be plannin' on decoratin' Rylan's room in the future with a pirate theme. While thin's certainly change, we figure Rylan would enjoy a pirate room when the time comes. Heck, if he doesn't like it I will make the office o' ours pirate themed.

Ahoy, call me crazy but talkin' like a pirate is one o' those thin's that makes fatherin' verily fun. Aye.


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