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That's one small step for man....

Written on September 27, 2006 by Kevin.

In just a short while, it is amazing to see things change so quickly. Rylan has made huge steps forward(no pun intended) in his quest towards world domination. He has really begun to walk. Walking all over the place in fact.

We really believe that a good reason why Rylan has done so well walking lately is because we have been frequenting the toddler area at our local malls. He is amazed at all of the little kids running by or even just walking like him. There is no doubt that he seems to be motivated because when he is home, he does not do it as often. His walking skills have improved 100 fold in the past week and he now runs/walks around the play area looking for a new toy to climb onto.

One of the most interesting things that my wife and I have observed is that it appears that he is extremely cautious when it comes to moving around the area. He will wait patiently as the bigger kids so zooming by and then make his steps.

Working all day, I unfortunately had to miss Rylan's first real walking/running a while back but now that we are taking him to the play area, I get to enjoy in his success. It is definitely apparent that it makes him happy and certainly makes us happy too.


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