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The DoodleBops

Written on September 20, 2006 by Kevin.

The DoodleBops, Rylan's favorite show it seems. Is it bearable? Yes but it sure can be difficult at time to watch it. Rylan enjoys it so we make a point to watch it with him and sing the songs. I'm a bit disturbed though that I know the lyrics. For the parent's who don't know the theme song lyrics, here they are...

We're the Doodlebops
We're the Doodlebops
We're the Doodlebops
Oh yeah
Come and join the fun because we're laughing and we're singing all day
We're the Doodlebops
We're the Doodlebops
We're the Doodlebops
No place better and I know your gonna want to stay
Here we are together
DeeDee, Rooney, Moe
Doing everything we love to do
Oh yes, its very very clear
We are happy that you are here
Together we're the Doodlebops we'll sing and dance with you
We're the Doodlebops
Go Doodlebops


hi doodlebops

i love you say wres moe
love all allie

Written by allie on Oct 13, 2006

OMG OMG, I love your show! I love you guys! I mean it's so weird cuz I am like 12 years old but I LOVE YOUR SHOW! and some people just like your show and tell all their friends as a joke in my grade, but I go over and tell them that your show IS awesome, and it ROX MY SOX! I love you guys!

Written by Sam on Jan 31, 2008

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