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Up and Atem!

Written on September 26, 2006 by Kevin.

Up until now, Rylan's morning schedule has been partially up to him. My wife tells me that he would wake up sometime between 8:00 and 10:00 but sometimes even sleep in longer than that. His bed time was around 10pm since he was sleeping in so late. This has always worked pretty well for us.

Due to changes at work, I am now having to be in at 6:30am(rough) and with that, we have decided to put Rylan on a new schedule as well. We began yesterday waking Rylan up at 8:00 which we are hoping will result in him going to bed a bit earlier in the evening. Due to common television show schedule changes, some of his favorites are starting earlier in the morning so this new schedule will also give him the opportunity to continue watching.

As predicted, Rylan woke up a bit sluggish and 2 hours later, he was napping. This is common for him regardless of what time he wakes up. After I got home from work, I played with Rylan like normal while my wife cooked us a delicious dinner(+2 brownie points). Soon after dinner, Rylan passed out for a few hours. This is where the change was. Rylan does not normally nap this late into the evening and with his new bedtime around 9:00, we figured it would blow the schedule away. This really wasn't the case as he woke up and then went to bed for the night just an hour or so later.

We are curious to see how he takes to his new schedule but first account looks promising. We have always been amazed on how well Rylan has done with sleeping. Everyday we consider ourselves lucky.


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