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Week in Review

Written on September 1, 2006 by Kevin.

We took a trip up north last weekend and it was fun. I got to have fun with some duckies. They were scared of me though. I remember going to the park a long time ago and seeing the ducks. They sure are fun.

We walked around a bit up in Sedona. Well of course I didn't. We stopped into a baby store that had some pretty interesting toys. As much as I wanted to buy out the store, daddy put a stop to that quickly. Rats! Mom found a funny shirt that said "Product of a successful merger" and it was for little babies younger than I was. There are alot of funny shirts out there but that one was different. They didn't have my size so we had to skip on that.

This week I have put on my Indiana Jones hat and gone exploring. I have been finding all types of ways to get in trouble throughout the day. Despite dad having an issue opening some of our entertainment center drawers, my fingers are tiny and open it with ease. Now I get to pull out all of the DVDs. I found a box with an old Atari, I wonder what that is. I guess its my dad's he bought from another dad. He tells me that I can play with that later. I can't wait.

Mom and dad expanded my play area so now I'm living in luxury. I have so much room to play in, I don't know what to do. Speaking of play areas, we went to the mall last night and I got to play in their area. They had a bunch of kids there. One girl almost kissed me! What was she thinking! I did find a girl that I liked but I didn't know any better way to tell her besides bonking her on the head. Silly me. I had alot of fun though and I can't wait until I can walk.

I guess that's it for now. Labor day is coming up and luckily my daddy has it off. I like to wake up and see him there. It makes for a good day normally. Of course, I love giving mommy a big smile when she wakes up too.


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