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Week in Review

Written on September 15, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

I had a whole bunch of fun this last weekend by going to my Grandpa Paul and Grandma Debra's house. They live next to a humongous water fountain and they even have a park near by. In fact, they have 3 parks right by each other. One park for little guys like me and another one for the older kids. They also have a water park. I can't wait until I am a bit bigger so that I can check that out. It looks super fun. What was fun though was sitting on a toy with my grandma and grandpa. Daddy took a bunch of pictures and we just had a good time.

Clapping and waving are my new favorite things. I like to wave at everyone and everything. I don't care what it is. Mommy and daddy like to help me with it and encourage me. I like to show my skills off to them. When I go to the play area, I wave at the kids. One boy even patted me on my head. Daddy thought that was pretty funny.

Mommy sent out birthday invitations. I am really excited about seeing the family. I know that my grandma will be coming from Nevada and then we are gonna rush off to California and Disneyland. Even my Great Aunt and Uncle will be showing up. They always get a kick out of me when they see me. I haven't seen them since Easter I think so it's really going to be a shock for them to see me all grown up. I don't know about mommy but I sure am excited about planning my first birthday.

Kitty cats. My new best friends. Mommy and daddy recently started introducing the cats to me and boy am I having fun. They get to be chased around while I attempt to beat them up. The older kitty just comes and lays next to me. I really like to play with them a whole bunch.

Have a good weekend.


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