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Doomstown at Rawhide

Written on October 31, 2006 by Kevin.

We decided to continue our Halloween fun last night by taking Rylan to Rawhide, which is a western town with multiple attractions. This time of year, during the evenings they change it into Doomtown. Normally, cowboys would be roaming the streets putting on a show for all of the spectators. Now at night, they ride around on their horses dressed up trying to scare the kids. Other people walk the street in an eerie fashion.

We dressed Rylan back up in his cow outfit which fit perfectly with the western theme and we got multiple compliments on it. The town itself is free to enter but small attractions tickets can be purchased. We decided to pass on the attractions and stick to eating. They had a small carnival that has temporarily stopped there so we passed through there as well. Rylan as always loves all of the lights and movement.

We prefer to explore new things with Rylan rather than sitting at home every night. This was a perfect example of how a bit of research can provide the night with a new experience. Check our your local television news website for a local calendar, you may find some great things.


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