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Early start for Halloween fun

Written on October 30, 2006 by Kevin.

Looking through the local calendar here showed quite a few Halloween events this past weekend. We made our selections and set out for the night after dressing Rylan up in his cow outfit.

Our first stop was at a local baseball field where the city was putting on an event. An easy canned food donation got us into the door and we began our trip around. They had alot of crafts for the kids to do however nothing within Rylan's capability. It was great to see all of the little kids in their costumes and everyone seemed to like Rylan's costume as well. We were quickly pulled aside and asked if Rylan would like to participate in a costume contest which we gladly accepted. I took my place in line and soon realized that it was going to be a difficult decision as there were so many 0-2yr olds dressed in some very unique costumes. Rylan and I took our walk for the judges and made our way off stage receiving a pencil (for a child?) on our way out. We waited patiently for the results but unfortunately Rylan did not win.

We made our way to our second Halloween event in hopes of participating in another costume contest but we had just missed it. We took a walk around the park and came across the pumpkin patch that they had setup. We took Rylan out of his stroller and immediately he went and grabbed his pumpkin of choice. We offered him a few others but he was firm in his decision. Moving ourselves out of the pumpkin patch led us to a hot air balloon which Rylan couldn't keep his eyes off of. When the torch flamed up, he stared at it with curiosity and fear in his eyes, we moved on. A few games were setup which I helped Rylan do and we ended up winning a bit of candy.

Last year, my wife and I had skipped on pumpkin carving because Rylan was only a few weeks old. This year however we decided to go ahead with the carving after Rylan went off to sleep. A quick Google search comes up with an abundance of pumpkin carving patterns but we decided to stick with some of the patterns from books. We decided that we would carve Rylan out a pumpkin as well with your typical jack-o-lantern face while we did a more detailed design on each of ours. We are pleased on how they turned out.


Sorry that you didn't win anything but a pencil at the costume contest. It sounds like your parents are on the ball when it comes to Halloween activities and they can carve nice pumpkins too! We have 2 family birthdays close to Halloween, so I'm always forgetting to decorate and we're never in town for our local events, though there aren't many to begin with.
We got our pumpkin stencil ideas from
Hershey?s Stencils which is a really nice Halloween themed site.

I hope that your family has a Happy Halloween and that you get lots of yummy candy that you can eat. I can only hope that you live around people that carry neat snack things for babies, many people forget that babies trick or treat too and can?t eat big hard candy bars.

Written by Jessica on Oct 30, 2006

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