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Food in arms reach...

Written on October 3, 2006 by Kevin.

As Rylan has gotten older, we have had the opportunity to take him out to restaurants that in the past would cause issues. We prepare ourselves with plenty of finger foods and other favorites of his.

One thing that I have noticed recently however is that all of the waiters and waitresses seem to not realize that placing food in front of a child is not a good idea. While we bring snacks for Rylan, we have been serving him off of the kids menu lately. When the waitress brings out the food, they place the food in front of him as they would any other customer. While it is nice that they treat Rylan the same as they would anyone else, placing the food in front of him is definitely not the best idea. As soon as the food is placed in front of him, he grabs for it. He doesn't know better and it seems the waitresses don't either.

The same idea goes for restaurants that provide children with a play mat and crayons. I personally don't know of any children as young as Rylan that are capable of using crayons and not just trying to eat them. Now don't get me wrong, we love the play mats because they can keep him entertained quite well but the crayons are certainly something we take away quickly.

Now I know that assuming things is wrong but I believe that the waitresses that place items in front of the children do not likely have children of their own. It is very clear to me from my own experiences, that as a new parent, you learn things quickly. As a parent, these types of things seem like common sense but it sure appears that it may not be the case.

Have anyone else experienced this?


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