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Museum Day

Written on October 2, 2006 by Kevin.

We took advantage of Museum Day this past Saturday which, for those that didn't know, is when a large amount of the museums around the nation open their doors up for free.

We took a short trip to the Heard museum which displays Native American items. We quickly realized that Native American art and history is not interesting to me or my wife. We quickly breezed through the museum while letting Rylan take in all of the new things to look at.

We did find a booth in which children could make a doll out of fabric and yarn. My wife enjoyed this it seems and decided to make Rylan one. It turned out great but it seems that Rylan was not as impressed and he only wanted it to lay on the ground. While the majority of the displays are definitely adult oriented, there was a small room that could possibly be considered for kids. In this room, there were a few activities that Rylan was just too young for so instead, we hung out in a canoe for a while so Rylan could burn off some of his energy.

While we did not necessarily find Native American history entertaining, it was a nice change. I hear many father bloggers mention museums as a way to entertain your kid while getting out of the house but from what I can determine, there are not too many museums here that are kid friendly. I guess we will need to continue looking for places...


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