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Review: SuperYard XT

Written on October 11, 2006 by Kevin.

I'd love to see a pic of the entertainment center surrounded by the gate because I'm confused...either you have a small center or a really big gate.

It has been a while since I have done a product review so when Jessica was interested in what type of gate we have, I figured this would be a great time.

We had purchased the SuperYard XT fence a while back and have used it ever since. We initially started with keeping Rylan within just a couple feet from us and slowly over time have expanded him outwards. He is now roaming the entire downstairs minus the kitchen. The fence is now being used around our entertainment center to keep him out of those pesky drawers and electronics. It works perfectly for us around the entertainment center and because it is sturdy, we don't have to worry about him pulling it over (atleast yet).

We purchased the SuperYard XT fence from Babies'R'Us which is 26" high and encloses up to 18.5 square feet. It can be used in all types of shapes and sizes and has really been great for us. It takes just a few moments to completely redo the shape but is tough enough that we believe Rylan will not be able to unlatch it any time soon. The fence is made for both inside and outside and even comes with a carrying strap. Expansion pieces can be purchased which can extend it out to 34 square feet.

I know when Christmas time comes around, this fence will have a new home. It will be placed around the Christmas tree to keep Rylan from having too much fun.

We really couldn't be happier with this fence. It has worked extremely well for us and we know we have a lot more time with it as well. It is likely one of my wife's best baby item she has ever picked out.


I feel like a real ditz since I've seen those gates at Babies R Us every year at Christmas time around a in-store Chrismtas tree. I've been lucky that large rubber maid containers were able to keep my daughter away from the tree so far, but I don't even think the Super Yard XT gate will help us now. I do think the gate is a wise investment for parents with kids under the 26" gate height and aren't climbing. I guess the rest of us with toddlers, entertainment centers and Christmas trees are out of luck. Maybe I'll write Santa (North States Industries-Super Yard XT) and request a larger/stronger one for toddlers.

Written by Jessica on Oct 14, 2006

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