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Rylan's First Birthday Party

Written on October 19, 2006 by Kevin.

My wife and I have been planning this party for months now and in the blink of an eye, it was over.

Rylan's first birthday was a great success with some minor things that could have gone better. The party was a perfect size at just about 10 people which turned out great allowing Rylan to roam around without bumping into too many people. My wife and I made some great tasting appetizers which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Rylan had a massive amounts of gifts which took a pretty long time to open up. He normally is great about tearing things open so we had thought he would be able to open his gift wrap with a bit of help but he just did not want to give us a show and I ended up opening them all up. He certainly had some favorite gifts which included a Bambi stuffed animal and a Mickey Mouse sit down car which he can't get enough of. The look of excitement on his face when he is pushed around the room is amazing.

The day ended with a bit of cake and ice cream. We brought the cake out to Rylan while he sat patiently in his high chair and as soon as we put it down, he grabbed for it taking a nice handful of cake and frosting. He gobbled it up like it was the best thing he had ever eaten. He knew exactly what he was supposed to do with it. He ate the cake and ice cream while I snapped photos that we can use to tease him when he is older.

While we did plan ahead and ordered Rylan's birthday cake early, we did not think about the balloons. My wife stopped by the balloon store only to be held up by other people trying to order. She had to wait for large orders to be filled and general slow employees. We barely made it to the party in time before the guest arrived. I had to take 2 trips back home to get oddball things and ended up missing a portion of the party. We will definitely learn from our mistakes and make Rylan's birthday party next year be even better.


It sounds like ya'll had quite the party. I'm glad to hear that most of it went exactly as planned. I'm really sorry for not mentioning that balloons do take forever and it's better to order in advance. We went through the whole balloon ordeal with our daughter's 1st birthday, I'm not even sure we did balloons for her 2nd b-day. We did do a pi?ata and luckily our daughter's cousin now 4 and the rest of the kids including a 1 year old (all boys) knew what to do with the pi?ata while our daughter refused to get out of the coupe car. We finally got our daughter a Dora coupe care which is very disappointing because the only thing Dora about it is the stickers and they don't stay on, so I'm glad it wasn't a let down birthday gift. I'm very glad Rylan didn't have this problem and I look forwards to seeing more pictures of him with his treasure of new toys.

Written by Jessica on Oct 20, 2006

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