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Rylan's visit with Alice

Written on October 24, 2006 by Kevin.

If you look right above Rylan's head you will notice a pin. This was his birthday pin provided by the Main street cast member after we told them we were there for his birthday. This is a must have for anyone going to Disneyland for their birthday. The pin can potentially open you up to a new view on Disneyland as they will often recognize that it is your birthday and give you a bit more attention. Alice, as shown in the picture, gave Rylan her undivided attention for a good 5 minutes while they talked about all types of things including his birthday. Soon after, the Mad Hatter dropped by and joined in on the conversation. Plenty of kids and adults where standing around just waiting for their turn but they continued to talk with Rylan.

I have heard other people mention other great things that they have recieved while wearing their pin such as 'not for sale' jewels and exclusive access to certain parts of the park.

These pins can be given out for anniversary and first time visits I believe. Definetly something worth checking out.


I think Alice was flirting with Rylan and from the look in his eyes he was flirting right back. I think it's cute that they are also a matching couple.

Written by Jessica on Oct 26, 2006

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