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Week in Review

Written on October 6, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Has it already been a week? Yikes.

So, seeing as how well I am walking, Mom and Dad have begun letting me walk around the mall. It's really fun I tell ya. I stopped by a women's bra store last night and just stared in there. Mommy and daddy where laughing a whole bunch. I don't see why it was so funny though. People walking by watched me as I made my way through the mall and they all gave me a cute smile. I guess peoples eyes are attracted to a baby walking or maybe they just were waiting for me to fall on my bum.

Speaking of bum, who needs a diaper. I certainly don't. I like to rip off my diaper now when mom isn't looking and start running around the room. She turns around to a big surprise and me smiling as big as possible. Why do I have this diaper on anyways?

Just 8 more days until my Mickey themed birthday party. It's going to be exciting. I wonder what types of gifts everyone will pick out for me. I think I am going to like them all. Soon after the party, dad will be driving us up to Disneyland and then we get to go there for 2 days. Oh man oh man. I can't wait until I see Mickey Mouse again. He sure was fun last time when we both sat on the floor. I wonder if he will do that again.

I am going to go back to getting ready for my birthday party. I have a lot of work to do so that everything is perfect. I like helping mom out.

Happy Friday.


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