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Week in Review

Written on October 13, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

My birthday party is tomorrow! Yippy!

I have been waiting for this day my entire life. It's going to be a blast. Mommy wrapped all of my presents but I saw them before she did that. I know that I will be definitely getting a Mickey Mouse ride-on toy. With my new expanded area, it will give me plenty of room to roam around.

Grandma came in to town yesterday and we all went out to eat and shopping. She bought me a whole bunch of things for my birthday and even gave one of those push pop toys that you can see in my picture of the day. As you can tell by my face, It's awesome! I had been wanting one of these for a long time. I sure am glad that grandma is here to celebrate my birthday.

Shortly after the party of mine, we will be heading off to Disneyland. When we get to the park, my dad said he would get me a birthday sticker because its my birthday and cast members are super nice if you have a sticker. I think that grandma is going to take me to the character breakfast. I have never been there before but I think I will get to see a whole bunch of my favorite characters and even get pictures!

I know this entire weekend is going to be a blast. I can't wait until I get to unwrap some of my presents at the party. I may need my mommies help on some things but I think I can manage unwrapping a lot of them.

Hmm... what else? We will be going to Disneyland park on Sunday and Monday so my dad wants me to let everyone know that posts will likely not be happening until Wednesday which is my actual birthday. He also wants me to let you know that a whole bunch of new pictures will be up shortly.

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Unbirthday to everyone else!


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