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Week in Review

Written on October 27, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

So with my new title of 1 year old, my selection of foods continue to increase. The other night we stopped by Ikea and mom ordered me a Swedish meatball kids meal. Boy was it yummy. The meatballs are super soft so it makes it really easy for me to eat them. Someday I will try the sauce and even some lingonberries but for now, those are mom and dads food. We decided to pickup a bag of the meatballs so a few nights later mom made a wonderfully tasty meal for all of us. Yummy yummy.

Last night I had a whole bunch of fun. My dad got some tickets for the Phoenix Coyotes hockey game so we decided to go. That was a blast I tell ya. At first, I wasn't sure what was going on because I had just woken up but soon after I really got into it. When people were cheering, yelling and clapping, I would do the same. When a referee made a bad call, I was yelling at him and waving my arms in disgust. It was a great experience.

Halloween is right around the corner. You can see from my picture that I will be a cow this year. My mom and dad are so nice and they let me pick out the costume. They held up a few different costumes and I picked this one. Regardless if I think I look cute in it, I don't need my mom embarrassing me by taking a bunch of pictures. I could just bop mom sometimes.

Last year, I was just a few weeks old when mom and dad took me out for Halloween. We stopped by a random church then and they enjoyed some food and music while I slept. This year though I think we will be going to a Radio Disney event that they are having near by. I think that it may be fun and should be interesting to see a bunch of other kids in their costumes.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Don't bop your mommy, she just thinks you're very handsome and I don't blame her because you are.
I'm glad that your parents let you pick out your costume it's moo-tiful.

Written by Jessica on Oct 30, 2006

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