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You know you are a father when...

Written on October 12, 2006 by Kevin. are playing kids music in your car. Rylan certainly has his favorites when it comes to morning television shows. These shows would definitely include the DoodleBops and Mickey's Clubhouse along with a few other Disney channel shows. We have been on a hunt for a few weeks now trying to finish up Rylan's birthday gifts and we came across both a DoodleBops and Mickey's Clubhouse CD.

We decided that it would be fun to give Rylan his Mickey's Clubhouse CD a week or so early and have begun playing it for him in the car. He has already been great while in the car and either sleeps or keeps to himself. He now gets energized when some of his favorite tunes come on. He can't get enough of the opening and closing theme songs for the Mickey show and regardless of whether he is in the car or at home, he begins to wave his arms around.

We will be giving Rylan his DoodleBops CD at his birthday party on Saturday and expect the same reaction when it comes on for the first time. He really enjoys it when my wife plays the music for him off of their website so we are certain he will enjoy it in the car as well. With his first birthday approaching and him at 20lbs now, we are looking forward to turning the car seat around and being able to dance with Rylan. It's one of the many fun things you get to do as a parent.


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