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Between you and me dad.

Written on November 27, 2006 by Kevin.

My wife picked me up this journal sometime around Rylan's birth and I kept telling her that I would fill it out. Now it's been over a year and the pages are still not written in. That was until today.

The journal allows me to write about my youth so that Rylan will be able to read it when he gets older. They make these books for all types of family members but I am the lucky one to have this one. It asks me a whole bunch of questions that Rylan may be curious about years from now and while I still have a small memory, I can answer them. I can even start a sentence with "When I was young...." if I wanted too.

One thing that you quickly learn while writing in this book is that writing with a pen hurts. It has been years since I really sat down and wrote something and this just proves it. My finger aches and my handwriting is worse than ever. I may need to assign a translator so that Rylan will be able to read the chicken scratch that is in front of him.

Overall, the journal is a great idea for any parent. It really allows you to bring back your own memories and help share them with your child while you can still remember. While there are many books similar to this one, mine can be found here.


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