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Love of Luby's

Written on November 6, 2006 by Kevin.

All parent's know that it can be difficult taking a small child out to a restaurant. As much good that I talk about Rylan, his devilish side can certainly come out sometimes when we step into any restaurant. It is not uncommon now for Rylan to have more food on the floor rather than in his stomach. We obviously try to counter this problem by ordering foods that we know he likes but this does not always seem to help.

Rylan was having a fussy night on Saturday, most likely because of new teeth coming in, but we decided to take a stop at our local Luby's restaurant. A restaurant that I know has some of most plain and bland food every concocted. The location of this Luby's is in the heart of Sun City which is a retirement town here in Arizona. The result of that is a very quiet restaurant with the vast majority of the visitors being over 70 years old. You would think that it would be a terrible place for a child to be taken. I thought so until we stepped into that door.

Rylan flipped a switch once we stepped inside after we placed him in a high chair and wheeled him down the food line, we made our final stop at the table. For the first time since he was near flawless in his eating and social skills. He ate everything on his table and even gobbled up his Jello dessert. We had many people walking by talking with him and waving which Rylan seemed to really enjoy. We left the place finding only 3 pieces of food on the floor which seemed to be when he dropped them on accident rather than in a irritated fashion.

For those interested, Luby's has free kids meals on Tuesdays and Saturdays I believe. Does anyone know of any other free kids meal days at other restaurants?


Most kids under 2 or 3 depending on the restaurant, normally always eat free especially with a paying adult.

I've found a website earlier on for people to share and find free places to eat, though even after I provided many locations in detail they have yet to put the info up nearly a year later:

Kids Eat Free

Another site with a bit less info is:

Mommy Savers

I think most major restaurants and fast food places have free or reduced meals for babies, you just have to ask...I think Chick-Fli-A is one of those with the same kids eat free day for every location.

Written by Jessica on Nov 6, 2006

Another great resource for restaurants that have Kids Eat Free and Kids Meal Deals is

Written by Dana on Feb 27, 2008

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