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Review: Mickey Plane Ride-On Toy

Written on November 21, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Alright, the first toy that I will be picking out of my toy bin is the Mickey Plane Ride-On Toy. I received this toy from my mom and dad at my birthday party. I was simply amazed at this gift and I pretty much couldn't stay away from it. Initial appearance is awesome.

When I got back from my birthday trip, this was one of the first things that I played with. I wanted to get the full feel of it. Mom sat me on the seat and pushed me around like I was a real plane flyer. I had so much fun. It has a handle on the back to help your parents push you along. It also works nicely for little kids that are beginning to walk because it helps them balance themselves.

This plane has a whole bunch of fun buttons to press that make different noises and even start up the propeller. The propeller, as you can see, has a bunch of lights on it. Let me tell you, they are very mesmerizing to watch. I really like to push the buttons a lot so that I can hear Mickey talk.

This toy also has some fun things to help kids learn. It has plastic shapes that fit into sections so I can learn some new skills. I have fun trying to put the shapes into their holes but I'm not there just yet. For now, I like to push the button that makes more noise when you get a shape put in.

Unfortunately this Mickey plane does have a few bad issues. The most important thing is that the propeller is already starting to die. I think that this may be caused because sometimes I push the plane into the wall and then turn the propeller on and it can't move. Maybe my dad can fix it. The other thing is that because it has a lot of lights and sounds, it does go through batteries pretty quickly.

I guess that's it for this review. Look for some more in the future.


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