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The secret society.

Written on November 20, 2006 by Kevin.

When you have a child, you are immediately entered into the secret society of parenting. You now get to experience and know things that non parents just won't ever know until they have their own child.

While at a recent IKEA trip, we let Rylan roam around the children's furniture/toy section. He was having a great time pushing a push cart toy when another father began telling us how great Rylan was. My wife kept an eye on Rylan while I began a conversation with this father. When you step into the secret society of parenting, you always have a way to start a conversation with another parent. We began talking a few things when he began to mirror my exact feelings on parenting. It was amazing.

This father had the possibility to be a stay at home father for the first year which is simply amazing. He now has his daughter wrapped around his finger because of the constant supervision and teaching over the past couple of years. It is amazing to see such a good kid when most are running around wreaking havoc.

As parents, we don't hear it enough but this father multiple times explained that he could tell how well we were doing as parents based on how Rylan was acting. I certainly agree with the idea that parents can be judged by their children's actions.

With a quick goodbye as Rylan and my wife walked away, that was it. It's empowering to hear from another parent how well we are doing as parents. Most parents must think they are doing great but when you hear it from someone who has no reason to lie, it definitely means more. We will continue to teach Rylan as much as we can and hope that he accepts it with open arms.


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