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Week in Review

Written on November 3, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Halloween, what a blast! Mommy and daddy took me to so many things on Halloween and I sure had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed going from house to house begging for candy. Mom and dad told me what little kids do on Halloween so when they dropped me off at the door, I would of course look cute but I would speak to the door person too. They sure got a kick out of me being a moo cow. I know that daddy showed the candy that I bit into but what they don't know is that I got a whole pocket full before they caught me. I have it stashed in my crib and I like to nibble on it after they go to bed.

I am a year old now and I feel like I deserve a bit more responsibility so I asked dad if I could do some reviews on all of the toys that I now have. I think he is OK with the idea so from now on the reviews will be from me instead of my dad. I know that he likes the toys too but my point of view is always a bit more accurate. Definitely keep an eye out for those reviews coming over the next couple of weeks.

Many people tell you that if your baby has curly hair and you cut it that it will no longer be curly. That may be the case but my hair has grown back out now and the curls are beginning to show again. I think it may be time soon to get another cut. I have to present myself to the ladies as a clean cut kind of kid because that's what I am. Heck, the girls love me either way.

I guess I will bring up walking. My mom grew onto the Robeez style shoes when we found some at the Disney store. After picking up a pair, we went back for more and I have been wearing those for the most part. My walking has improved significantly and now even with heavier and clunky shoes I'm doing better. I walked around Mervyns last night with dad while mom was keeping herself occupied. I didn't even fall over!

Daddy has been teaching me a lot of things recently and one of them is how to handle things. When I was walking around the store last night, I really really wanted to tug on the clothing tags but when dad saw that I was aiming towards them he told me to be gentle. I fought the urge to tug and decided to give daddy a cute look and then I clapped. I clapped because I did a good job by not tugging on it. I like when mom and dad tell me how good of a boy I am.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Christmas is coming up soon and Santa will surely be bringing you lots of new toys to review. Keep on being good for your parents and don't worry, Santa won't give you any lumps of coal for sneaking bites of your candy, just let mommy and daddy get it home to check it first.

Great job on walking around Mervyns w/o falling! Maybe the other blog readers and I could convince your parents to put up a video blog of your walking in your new Robeez or maybe a picture if you let him catch you walking.

Written by Jessica on Nov 5, 2006

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