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Week in Review

Written on November 17, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Phew! I finally got over my sickness. I am sure glad that is all over with. I can get back to my toys now and not have to worry about being sick on them. Yippy!

A lot of big changes are happening around me lately. As I mentioned a few days ago, I found out that I will have a cousin soon. With my expert opinion, I have been able to help pick out gifts for the soon to be baby. I may have mentioned before as well that my grandma is moving back to town. She lives in Las Vegas now and she would have to come to town for a couple days. Now she is staying forever though. I really like to see her.

Christmas is just around the corner so dad has been planning a trip up to Sedona, AZ so that we can see all of their Christmas lights and even see Santa. I remember that guy from last year but I was still a wee little lad. Now I am old enough that I may even get scared of him. Dad had better take his picture fast.

I have been expanding my palate by trying my hand at new foods. Normally I like them but sometimes I don't so they get tossed aside, literally. Last night, I tried a bit of my moms enchilada. Ey caramba! That thing was pretty good. I tried my hand at some potato soup the other night as well and that was good too. I like trying new things and not getting stuck with the same old thing each day.

Clap. Clap. Clap. That is my new favorite thing to do. My days of waving are long gone and I have no replaced it with clapping. Anytime I see something I like I clap. If my mom or dad say yay!, then I clap. You should try it sometime, its really fun to clap. I really like it when mom and dad join in with me and we all get excited.

Have a good weekend. :)


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