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What a week...

Written on November 13, 2006 by Kevin.

As mentioned before, Rylan has always been healthy but this past week has certainly been a roller coaster. We have gone from good days to the bad days where Rylan fusses nonstop. This is certainly not the normal behavior we know from our little son.

We have seen a pattern recently where Rylan has been sucking on his thumb more and more. We have done minor things to help prevent it but nothing has worked so far. Even the doctor we recently visited could not give us many great ideas that we had not already tried or thought about. A combination of teething, no longer nursing and a terrible stomach bug certainly caused his sucking to get worse. We have always been against the use of a pacifier and while we did not like Rylan sucking on his thumb, this has only become a bigger issue recently. His thumb will tell you that it has been bitten and sucked on too much by the sore that has developed.. Any ideas on how to prevent this?

My wife tells me what today Rylan is back to his old self in regards to eating and other bodily acts. We encountered one day that Rylan did nothing but sleep but otherwise, he has tried to remain mobile during his sickness. With this sickness though we saw a side of Rylan that no parents want to see. Rylan has been dealing with what we consider temper tantrums. This is new to us.

Like all kids, Rylan would have his fussy days but recently he began to really start showing signs of tantrums. He has begun crying and then quickly stop when he thinks he is getting somewhere. We are curious to see if this is him starting his 'terrible twos' or is it happening because of his sickness and need for comfort.

Let the fun continue. My wife began to show signs of a stomach bug a few days ago and it looks as if it has struck her as hard as it has Rylan. I am putting my immune system to full test. Let's hope that I can prevent the bug from getting to me and Rylan again. I am not sure if he could handle it again.


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