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Christmas is over..

Written on December 27, 2006 by Kevin.

Christmas has come and gone and despite the recent accident and food poisoning, it went pretty well. Rylan was able to spend his Christmas with grandma for the first time and he seemed to really enjoy it.

Just a few months ago at his birthday party, Rylan was not too interested in opening gifts but now at Christmas that was definitely not the case. Any gift that was in a bag he would easily grab the gift laying inside and pull it out. Sometimes his face would light up and others he just tossed aside. One of the gifts that you could tell he immediately liked was a stuffed Little Einstein character which his grandma got for him. He immediately gave it a kiss and a hug. Simply amazing.

One of the great gifts that Rylan gave to his grandparents was a framed drawing and picture of him. We sat Rylan down in his highchair and let him go to town on a few pieces of paper. Per Rylan's request, we then framed it with a picture of him drawing that day. The grandparents ate it up. What really topped off the gift was after grandma had opened it, he immediately went over there and gave her a big hug. The kid is a genius and definitely knows how to leave his mark.

Our Christmas ended with a great dinner made by my wife and her mother. We woke Rylan up from his nap to enjoy the food with us and he did just that. As I walked to my chair I told Rylan that because it was Christmas he should eat in a civilized manner, so he did. Little fuss and even less mess, Rylan ate his dinner very well. He now gets leftovers for the next 2 years of lunches. Rylan thanks you very much grandma!


Yup, Rylan is a genius and he's practicing how a big brother should be setting a good example for his younger sibling on the way. He also showed Santa that he is a really good boy and will behave even on/after Christmas. Lastly, Rylan is being a genius for knowing how to make grandma happy which in turn gets him a hug and a nice gift next year ;-)

Written by Jessica on Dec 27, 2006

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