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Food poisoning, an early Christmas gift.

Written on December 18, 2006 by Kevin.

It all began Friday when my wife woke up to Rylan spewing out day old food. She just couldn't take it and decided that it would be best that I came home, so I did. After a short while, we got an appointment with his doctor and they sent us home with a basic diagnosis that it was likely a stomach bug.

Saturday came around and Rylan appeared to be getting better which certainly made us feel a lot better. My wife and I stopped by a local Mexican restaurant to pickup some food to go and we picked up Rylan some food at another place. It was within hours that my wife began to feel sick and soon afterwards, I to was feeling badly. Hours later, we pretty much came to the conclusion that we were experiencing food poisoning. Rylan began to cry as he was clearly worried for us while we did our thing. Luckily, he was calmed down slightly by turning on Jay Jay the Jet Plane DVD.

We packed up and headed to the urgent care and amazingly, there was not a single person there. We went right in and after an IV and some medications, we went back home. It was a long night and when we woke up, it was Rylan's turn to go through the hassle.

At this point, my wife is battling through Rylan being sick while I am at work feeling like a truck rolled over me. Definitely not a great way to celebrate the Christmas season.


I'm so very sorry to hear about ya'll being so sick. Here in TX we're all having problems with all the kids getting RSV and parents getting broncitis.

What a way of spreading holiday 'cheer', go shopping or out to eat and some sick person who didn't have the mind to stay home gets us sick. This is one time to be a scrooge when a sick person's gift to others is an illness.

I hope that ya'll get better before Christmas.

Written by Jessica on Dec 18, 2006

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