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Review: DVD Player

Written on December 7, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Alright, now here is a review of a toy that I take very much pride in. It's my dvd player. Well it was my mom and dads but I have since claimed it.

This thing is a blast. It has a red light on it that If I push certain buttons, it will turn off. When it is on, numbers on the screen will change. How cool is that? I like to push all of the buttons a whole bunch of times until a tray comes out with the DVD. Then I either like to push the button again to put it back in or take the DVD out and play with it. Sometimes, if I am feeling crazy, I will take the tray and pull on it. Once I even went as far as pulling it out of our entertainment center. That didn't go over too well.

What is really neat about this thing is that if my mom puts in a DVD, it will play stuff on the television. I really like to watch Jay Jay the Jet Plane and the DoodleBops. They are definitely my favorite right now. Have I told you that I can say "Jay Jay" now?

I think for kids, this is probably the best toy ever. It has so many fun things to do with it. I could really push the buttons and my moms buttons forever.


DVD players and VHS players are so nice to have. We recently tried Direct TV's recording thing which has turned out to be a bust. I hope we can get a portable DVD player for those long trips. Maybe next year you can ask Santa for one and a few Disney DVD's for your next drive to Disney.

Written by Jessica on Dec 14, 2006

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