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Sedona's fake Santa

Written on December 4, 2006 by Kevin.

One of the stops that we made while visiting Sedona for the weekend was to the Los Abrigados Festival of Lights display. Each year they decorate their entire resort with massive amounts of lights welcoming everyone in to check it out. Well not everyone.

This was my first year going and our first year with Rylan. It was definitely chilly and the extreme wind wasn't making the night any better but we went onward. We paid our entrance fee and not too long after getting in, we realized that there were stairs to climb. Strollers and stairs don't work too well together. We fought our way through the entire resort lugging the stroller up backwards with Rylan being carried. We decided that it was pretty clear that the resort wasn't making anything easier for a family with a stroller so we decided to complain. After talking with 2 managers, we finally got our money back.

Now onto the fake Santa. Near the end of the light display, they handed out hot cider and children had a chance to visit with Santa. It was pretty clear from the beginning that this was not the real Santa. Rylan definitely knew as well. He had seen Santa last year and was not going to be fooled this year. He sure put up a fight for a simple picture but I can understand not wanting to sit next to an imposter.


Stair city, a snow suit and a fake santa...poor Rylan! I'm glad you complained and won. If people can't even use strollers, how can handicap people get around...they don't have people to carry them. I never liked how older places were allowed to drag their feet on ADA compliance as well as fire safety compliance...older apartments don't have sprinkler systems and apparently don't have to have them because they were built before they were required, putting residents in danger. I also think all homes should have manditory sprinkler systems.

Written by Jessica on Dec 14, 2006

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