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Week in Review

Written on December 22, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Whohoo, I can finally tell everyone. I am going to be a big brother!

I have been holding that secret in for what seems like years. Mommy and daddy broke the news to me on Thanksgiving and they asked me to keep the secret in until now. That is a long long time. I am surprised that I didn't let it out. I am going to be a big brother! I'm so excited.

This week has just been nuts. I have been sick since last Friday and still have a runny nose as of today. I just can't kick this thing. Mom and dad experienced some crazy food poisoning and to top it off, my dad got hit in an accident. Talk about a string of bad luck.

Christmas is just about here though so I am trying to ride the excitement all the way until the end. I have been opening a few of my presents already because we have been meeting up with some of the family that we cannot see on Christmas day. I am having a lot of fun helping to open the gifts. Let's see, I have already received a few Fisher Price Little People sets that I am really excited about and a whole bunch of Disney related stuff. I even got a Cars pillow and blanket set. It was so soft that I immediately had to lay down on it. I like to test things like that out.

I can't wait until Monday comes along so I can open even more gifts. I will be celebrating with my grandma this year so I am very excited about that. We went out with her last night to do some final shopping. She sure is fun to be around.

I will let everyone know how my Christmas went soon. Until then, have a happy and safe holidays.


Congratulations on the new baby! Rylan will be a wonderful big brother!

Written by K on Dec 23, 2006

Congratulations! I agree Rylan will be a great big brother and he's also very good at keeping a secret too. Even though Rylan has so much more to experience, he'll already have so much to pass on to his younger sibling.

I'm very happy for all of ya'll. Keep us posted.

Written by Jessica on Dec 26, 2006

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