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A laugh is contagious

Written on January 4, 2007 by Kevin.

For the past couple of months, many videos have been flying around the Internet of babies laughing. These are always great videos to watch when you need a quick mood change as its hard not to laugh with the kids. Their laughs are simply contagious.

Rylan has always had a few things that definitely made him laugh but lately that has all changed. He laughs at just about anything that we do. It all began one night after we stepped out of our local Luby's restaurant. Rylan had just had a very filling meal and he was in a great mood. A simple "excuse me" caused Rylan to burst into laughter which continued for 5-10 minutes. This phrase has been used often now to get him to laugh, especially after a very filling and tasty meal.

In the past couple of days his laugh has changed significantly. In fact, he now has about 5 different laughs that he seems to rotate throughout the day. Each of them are equally entertaining. His last laugh that he likes to show off could almost be considered a forced laugh when he almost yells while doing it. Definitely a semi laugh that gets everyone's attention. It's really amazing on what can turn his bad mood into a happy one just with a single "excuse me" phrase. It's one of those things that you hope never passes.

For those interested...
Baby Laugh Video #1
Baby Laugh Video #2


">"> My personal favorite is the one with the Quadruplets all laughing at once.

Written by Jessica on Jan 7, 2007

Sorry I messed that link up here it is:

Written by Jessica on Jan 7, 2007

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