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It differs how?

Written on January 18, 2007 by Kevin.

Pregnancies are each very different for every woman, my wife is no exception.

My wife's first pregnancy consisted of serious morning sickness, cravings of pizza and ice cream cakes and one heck of a cold. This pregnancy though has resulted in a bit less morning sickness which tends to be caused by Rylan's wonderful diapers first thing in the morning. Cravings have been minimized to shredded beef and while my wife currently has a cold, it is not nearly as bad as the first pregnancy.

One thing that has definitely remained the same however was that we can never decide what we want to have for dinner. Whether it is eating in or taking something to go, we can never decide. My wife is the pregnant one so I am all for letting her decide what she wants to eat but when she can't make up her mind, we sit and wait. This can obviously be stressful as we both sit their hungry with Rylan looking around at us like we are nuts.

One thing that I have noticed is that during this pregnancy so far, I am not nearly as excited. No, it's not that we weren't trying for this baby, it's just that I have already gone through it once. The first pregnancy was a brand new thing and while the doctor visits and ultrasounds are fun, they have already been done before. Does that make me sound like a bad father? Maybe so.

I told my wife that I was going to keep her pregnant so that she would retain her belly and I am looking forward to it again. She is now at 13 weeks pregnant and a belly is definitely beginning to show. I had no idea how cute I would find my wife while she had her pregnant belly but that is certainly the case.


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