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Simply amazing.

Written on January 23, 2007 by Kevin.

It all began months and months ago when we first took Rylan out to eat with us and have him sit in his own high chair. We were eating at our local mall and we had to hunt down a high chair. After finding one, we come to find out that the straps had broken in one way or another. Looking for another chair resulted in many of them also being broken. Being the concerned parent that I am, I reported it to the mall customer service doubting anything would be done about it.

We have taken Rylan out to many other places since this time and I am simply amazed at how many restaurants have broken high chairs. These range from broken straps, clips or even missing harness all together. I seem to always get a confused look on the waitresses face when I ask that we get a new high chair because the one they gave me was broken. What is concerning is that over 50% of the high chairs that Rylan has been given to sit in, would be considered unsafe.

I cannot understand 2 things in this situation. Why are these things all broken? Who is doing what to them that they all break? Are they just so cheap that they end up breaking soon after being put out there. Second, why isn't anyone replacing these? Do they not feel that this is an issue? Maybe they do not have children of their own and do not understand the reason for the safety belt. I think that they would understand it if a child was to fall out and hurt themselves and they were handed a lawsuit.

Is it just Arizona or do other places have just as much of a problem with broken highchairs? Do you report any broken high chair that you see?


I've had the same experience with carts at grocery stores. Most, if not all, of the straps are broken. I have never thought of reporting it but I should!!

Written by Julie on Jan 23, 2007

We have a shopping cart cover so these straps we never see but I can only imagine that they have the same problem.

Written by Kevin on Jan 23, 2007

I too never report the broken carts or high chairs. I should.

One time at a store called Kohl?s my daughter was literally trapped by the buckle, which wouldn't unfasten. My mini pocket knife was too dull to cut through the straps (which I've done many times before at Wal-mart) and we spent another 20 minutes with my daughter screaming trying to convince the staff to just cut the belt which they refused to do at first, but when they did it only took seconds.

I have to say I'm sorry for being a contributor to the belt problems by cutting them, but I have to get my daughter out somehow.

I would also like to see more people voicing concern about most shopping carts current dangerous easy to tip over design and how it's unfair some places with the safer 'car' looking shopping carts are actually charging a dollar just to use a safer cart which you can't even take out to your car. Publix is the only store I know that has the low car carts, they just don't have a lot of them. Also how many times do kids and adults get their fingers stuck or pinched in those tiny metal bars or rolling hand grips on shopping carts?!?

Written by Jessica on Jan 28, 2007

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