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The tides have shifted...

Written on January 24, 2007 by Kevin.

My wife and I have always been proud to say that Rylan is a great kid that never gives us troubles. We take it as a bit of self accomplishment but as we are beginning to see, we do not always have control over Rylan's actions.

Rylan is now 15 months old and is quickly moving to the dark side. The dark side, filled with tantrums and fears. His laid back attitude is slowly falling away and he is beginning to be taken over. We have seen a huge increase in tantrums recently that we can only say is either terrible twos, teething or overall not feeling well. He has recently been through a lot with his long sick time, high fever and otherwise abnormal weather. He is also pushing through some of his last few teeth which was always a good reason to cry. The one thing we of course never wanted to deal with was the terrible twos.

The main points of difficulty that we now encounter is when attempting to change Rylan's diaper and place him into his car seat, stroller or shopping cart. He simply doesn't want to be bothered with it. He would much rather have us hold him than be any other place. This is making life interesting while taking him to run normal errands or even dinner out. Tantrums are now a thing of the present and we are having to quickly adjust, or at least attempt to. The daytime while my wife watches Rylan now consists of a lot of crying while Rylan wants to be held. I experience this as well when I come home and have found few things that can help tame the situation. The old trusty 'peakaboo!' just isn't working much any more. Even pirate talk that he has always enjoyed is beginning to become worthless. A Donald Duck impersonation is becoming our only help.

We are holding onto whatever we can to help Rylan before he turns to the dark side completely. We are committed to fighting this evil as long as we need too. May strength be given to us and all parents who encounter this evil beast.


In my opinion & experience, it is simply terrible twos but, of course, I'm not in your shoes so I can't really judge. Just wait--horrible threes are worse than twos. Good luck!!

Written by Julie on Jan 24, 2007

I think you're on the right path, Rylan just needs some new distractions from his current pain, sickness and bad weather.

Written by Jessica on Jan 28, 2007

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