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As the years pass...

Written on February 28, 2007 by Kevin.

Another year passes for me. I am now 26 years old. My wife likes to call me old. Physically, I can feel the years stacking up but mentally I do not feel old. I have always said that I never felt that I was my age. I have always felt like I was a kid just getting older. One example that I liked to give my wife was that I still like to spin around in my chair at work.

I was talking to the owner of the company I work for and he was telling me that his kids keep him young. I have to fully agree with this. While at work, I dress up, I act professional(most of the time) and otherwise I just do the adult thing. When I step in the door of my home, I am just dad. I walk into the door still with a very happy smile from Rylan which can't help but make you smile and respond with a big "hello!".

Regardless of how my muscles ache, when I am playing with Rylan or doing other things, I know that I can sit down and makes things up as I go just like a kid would. This, to me, is what makes a father more than just a father. It makes me a dad. I can only hope that my mind will never slip and that I will always be able to use my imagination with Rylan and our next child to help enlighten their own lives. I think it is important for all of us.

Now that I have Rylan, I get to spin around in the chair at work with him. How great is that. I wouldn't give it up for the world.


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