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It's that time..

Written on February 26, 2007 by Kevin.

Everyone will tell you that each pregnancy is much different than one another. This is confirmed as my wife has just simply not been as sick as she was in her first. There is one thing that we have already noticed though. The babies kicks.

Throughout the pregnancy, Rylan would kick my wife from the inside and being the nice wife that she is, she tried to get me to feel them as well. She would always tell me that he was kicking really strong but when I put my hand on her belly, I simply felt nothing. This can get quite annoying after months and months. Over the weekend, my wife has felt stronger kicks and she was able to feel a few of them from the outside. When she told me to feel her stomach what did I feel? Nothing. The baby seems to be as shy as Rylan was.

Let's hope this doesn't occur throughout the pregnancy again.


We went through something similar with our DD. When I was pregnant, my DH put his head on my tummy to try and hear our DD's heart beat and she kicked him! Apparently, my DH had done the same thing to his dad, so it was generational payback. This was the first kick my DH was able to feel and rather funny that for once I wasn't the only one getting kicked.

I hope you feel the kicking w/o being kicked in the head. If not, don't hate your wife for laughing.

Written by Jessica on Feb 27, 2007

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