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Never ending hunger.. errrr story!

Written on February 28, 2007 by Kevin.

Last pregnancy, my wife was more sick than hungry. This time around it's like reading a whole new story.

When my wife tells me that she has never ending hunger I am quickly reminded of the movie, Never Ending Story. One of my favorite movies of all time but not one that I wanted to live out in real life. In the movie, the Nothing was essentially eating up the entire world in darkness. I can't help but imagine my wife as the Nothing. She is literally eating everything she can and shows no signs of stopping.

Now my role in the story is that of Atrau. The main character with the job of stopping the Nothing but has no idea on how to do it. How can you control something of this magnitude? Simple answer is you cannot. You can only help to contain it. Think you beat the Nothing? Think again. As soon as you think the Nothing has had all they could eat, it devours more.

The movie ends with Atrau (me) defeating the Nothing and all things going back to normal. The trouble is, the movie played over only a couple of days time while my story still has 5 months to go. I have never felt more like I am simply a character in a book than right now.


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